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 Real Estate Pre-License Correspondence Classes are
MUCH QUICKER! - Knowledge based! Not time based 
 (100% Home Study)  

  • No boring classrooms!  NO WAITING ON SLOW "READ ONLY" HTML PAGES
  • Correspondence (e-book or textbook) students on average finish the courses 51% faster than with the timed "flash" courses
  • PDF (e-book) format. Read the books from your screen.. including from your ipad or iphone.
  • Searchable keyword feature for quick reference during tests!
  • Complete your courses at your own pace - start and stop - from any computer - anywhere
  • Online final exam
  • Print your Completion certificate after completing the course a&final exam.

Texas Real Estate License Courses Online

Payment for courses is available via

Texas Online Real 
Estate License Courses


             (For your 1st annual license renewal)

Texas Real Estate School Online
A division of Online Classroom
12518 Research Blvd
Austin, Tx 78759

These courses are provided through 360training 

and in conjunction with
 Lamar Institute of Technology. -TREC Provider #591

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  • We are a state-of-the-art online provider for Texas Real Estate licensing (In conjunction with Lamar University TREC Provider #0205) offering prospective real estate agents an easy &cost effective method of obtaining Texas Real Estate Licensing. 
  • Existing real estate agents may obtain their Continuing Education courses with ease as well. 

  • is a web-hosted Virtual University (VU) and Learning Management System (LMS) that will distribute, manage and track all formats of e-Learning. 
  • is privately labeled and seamlessly integrated with any web-site or Intranet, providing robust content, learning and compliance management functionality in one package. 
  • Our company's products and services are designed to streamline career education, certification and compliance requirements in the real estate, financial services, hospitality, insurance and occupational safety markets. 
  • We help our clients by raising e-Learning standards for regulated training and will assist you in every step of the process for gaining approvals for courses on the state or federal level.
  • We have 250 clients, 270,000 satisfied learners, 130 employees and growing, 
  • Our company's solutions are widely accepted by today's leading colleges, corporations, associations and training institutions.

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Texas Real Estate Commission Approved provider

These courses are provided through 360training 

and in conjunction with
 Lamar Institute of Technology. -
TREC Provider #591

From TREC's web site:

Correspondence Courses & Alternative Delivery

These schools offer core courses via Correspondence and/or Alternative Delivery Methods, such as online coursework on the web.

Course Type: ADM=Alternative Delivery Methods, CR=Correspondence
School Type: P=Proprietary School, I=Inspector Proprietary School, U=College or University, T=Trade Association, IT=Inspector Trade Association. 

 School Name         Course Type         School Type           ADM                      P, Inc.   ADM                      M 

Correspondence courses for Colleges or Universities 
(360training and Lamar Institute accreditations are towards the bottom
 of the page under "Correspondence Courses & Alternative Delivery"

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Steps to getting your
 real estate license

  • Enroll in 180Hour  PDF courses
  • Download the 6 required courses to your desktop, laptop or iPad
  • Read offline at your convenience and at your own speed
  • Log in at the end of each course for a quiz
  • Make at least a 70 on each of the quizzes to proceed
  • *The Keyword Searchable database will help you find answers during the quizzes, and throughout the courses
  • Print your certificate for the course(s) – or wait until you’ve finished all 6. We send your course completion certificates to TREC, but you may fax them also – it may speed up the process a little.
  •  When TREC has had time to post your course competions, get on their site, and find out where the State Exam is given in your area and sign up online.
  • Study Exam prep included in Premium & Ultimate Packages.
  • Take the state exam and pass with at least a 70.


  • A secure, reliable and accurate learning experienceor your money back
  • Virtually anywhere - anytime 
  • Student may download PDF version to desktop, laptop or ipad
  •  Take a portion of the course, bookmark it and resume the class later.
  • including IPad and IPhone using our e-book (PDF) format
  • Print Certificate of Completion online at time of course completion.
  • Toll free, e-mail or online live chat customer support is available 24/7