• A PDF course allows you to download and print the materials in Adobe's PDF format. (Not all of our courses are printable)
  • Knowledge Based, not Time based!
  • Download the textbooks to your computer or mobile device such as your IPad or IPhone & read offline
  • Review the material at your own pace without the need for an internet connection. (not in "real time" Online courses) 
  • PDF students on average finish the courses faster than with the timed "Online" courses
  • Log in, take your module quizzes online
  • The actual Texas state exam must be taken in person (Proctored)
  • Complete your courses at your own pace. This format is suggested for students that prefer the ease of a self paced course. This format is especially useful for students with a busy schedule.
  • As per new TREC rules, any 30 hour course and exam cannot be completed in less than 3 days. Therefore it will be at least 3 weeks before you can complete the 6 required courses.
  • You have up to 180 days to complete the entire course
  • Print out your Certificates!

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Step-by Step Instructions on taking the PDF courses


  • Start Immediately! No need to wait 1-2 weeks for textbooks to be mailed to you.
  • Self Paced! Knowledge based, not time based
  • It is a Greener version
  • Correspondence courses are normally faster than timed "real time" online courses. 
  • Read and study offline (with desktop, IPad, IPhone or laptop) with no need for an internet connection.
  • Online module quizzes 
  • *Course final exams must be proctored


  • No textbooks to keep 
  •  Our courses are NOT  printable)

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Courses included in the 180 hour package:

  •    Principles of Real Estate I - PDF (30 Hours) • TREC 0121
  •   Principles of Real Estate II PDF- (30 Hours) • TREC 0122
  •   Promulgated Contracts - PDF (30 Hours) TREC (0351
  •   Finance I - PDF (30 Hours) • TREC 0451
  •   Law of Agency - PDF (30 Hours) • TREC 1151
  •   Law of Contracts - PDF (30 Hours) • TREC 1251​

TREC Guideline Update regarding PROCTORING

New guidelines now require students of this course to have their exams proctored (after August 31st) and you have the right to request a criminal history evaluation (where applicable) before enrolling in the courses or applying for a license. 

Under the new rules, you will be required to find an eligible Proctor and give the exam in his/her presence to qualify for a completion certificate. The following are acceptable third party proctors:

  (A) employees at official testing or learning/tutoring centers;

  (B) librarians at a school, university, or public library;

  (C) college or university administrators, faculty, or academic advisors;

  (D) clergy who are affiliated with a specific temple, synagogue, mosque, or church; and

  (E) educational officers of a military installation or correctional facility.

180 hr Prelicense courses can be completed in as little as 18 days (see TREC 3 day rule)

Additionally, you may request a criminal history evaluation before enrolling in courses or applying for a real estate license, as set out in Texas Occupations Code §53.025 and TREC Rule 541.1. If you have any criminal offenses, unpaid judgments, had disciplinary action taken against a professional or occupational license, or have performed an unlicensed activity, TREC requires you to consider submitting a completed Moral Character Determination Form before applying for a license.

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